Friday, April 25, 2008

Sask Party Justice Minister must resign

If Don Morgan knew who the police office was, and is hiding information from us then he should resign his Ministry...oh wait...the Sask Party is the same as Harper, they do not have to be accountable to the public...never bad!!!!
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REGINA -- The NDP says Sask. Party Justice Minister Don Morgan should resign from cabinet for changing his story about how he knew an individual whom Regina police recently pointed to as the suspect in the leak of confidential police reports.

Morgan first told reporters last week he didn't know the retired Regina police officer said to be the suspect in the removal of reports from police headquarters. The documents detailed an alleged 1992 theft from the NDP caucus office and ended up in the hands of the Sask. Party.

Don Morgan, minister of justice, talks to media on Thursday.

Both Hansard records and newspaper files show that the Sask. Party raised issues on behalf of Regina police officers while in Opposition, and that Morgan was involved in a press conference about one of those issues. However, Morgan told reporters he didn't recall ever participating in a press conference with the individual he has since learned is a suspect in the matter involving the leaked documents.

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