Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Wall anonunces byelection

clipped from www.canada.com

Wall announces byelection in Cumberland constituency

Voters in the northern constituency of Cumberland will be going to the polls on June 25.

Premier Brad Wall, speaking at the provincial cabinet office, announced the byelection Tuesday. The constituency became vacant in early-January with the resignation of NDP MLA Joan Beatty.

"The constituents of Cumberland need to have a voice in the Legislature, and now they will have their MLA in place before the start of summer," Wall said.

Wall said this campaign will give the government a chance to talk about some of the important initiatives it has taken in the first six months in office, as well as the role of the north in the Saskatchewan economy.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Funding national affordable housing critical: Layton

Federal Leader Jack Layton addressed a crowd of over 200 Saskatoon Residents who are concerned about the homeless and housing crisis in Saskatoon
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SASKATOON - Federal NDP leader Jack Layton points to construction of Saskatoon's Station 20 West as proof of the value of his party's push for a Canadian affordable housing program.

"We're here to build support for our case for a national affordable housing construction program. Without that, the actions of the local governments will not solve the problem alone," Layton said in an interview.

Layton offered encouragement to local citizens fighting for legislation to prevent condominium conversions during periods of low rental vacancy rates.

A similar rush to convert rental units to privately-owned condominiums ravaged the rental housing stock in Toronto 30 years ago, he said. It sparked a citizen's movement that resulted in laws to protect the rental housing stock.

Saskatoon received $11.6 million for housing out of that, part of which is funding Station 20 West.

That money will be gone after this year and the Harper government is not putting more in, Layton said.

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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Right wing mentality constant Canada wide

How much more proof do we need that the entire mentality of the Conservatives spreads far and wide. From Ottawa to Manitoba to Sask, it never ends.

Sask government member makes sexist comment, resigns as premier's secretary

REGINA — A backbencher with the Saskatchewan government has resigned his post after calling an Opposition member a "dumb bitch" during debate.

Mike Chisholm of the Saskatchewan Party has quit his job as a legislative secretary to Premier Brad Wall after directing the comment to NDP member Deb Higgins.

Chisholm used the sexist remark during debate earlier this week at an intergovernmental affairs and justice committee meeting.

The remark wasn't noticed by committee members at the time, but was audible enough to be picked up and printed in the official transcript of proceedings.

Higgins says the remark was extremely personal and is a blow to all women in politics.

Chisholm, who will remain as member of the legislature for Cut Knife-Turtleford, says his words should never have been "thought or spoken."

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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Media $$$$$$ for the Sask Party

Wow, why am I not surprised!!!!!
clipped from mediamelon.net

Private media companies contributed financially to the Saskatchewan Party in 2007 but gave virtually nothing to the NDP and the Liberals. According to this report, Rawlco Radio (whose properties include News Talk radio in Saskatoon and Regina) and the Rawlinson family contributed over 100 thousand dollars to the Sask Party.

Other media contributors to the Saskies include: CTV, $1256; CanWest Media Works, $5,000 and Leonard Asper, $5,000; Harvard Broadcasting, $693.00; Access Communications, over $16,000 and Shaw Communications, $1500. Ad and marketing companies Prairie Advertising, Brown Communications and Phoenix Advertising also donated to the cause. Phoenix Advertising also contributed to the NDP while Access gave to the Liberals.

Of curiosity was a donation of $629 from the Saskatchewan Roughrider football club to the Sask Party and contributions to the Saskies from both the University of Regina and University of Saskatchewan. Huh?

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Friday, May 2, 2008

Sask Party owned by Corporate Donors

Funny how they claim that the NDP is in the pockets of Organized Labour.....
clipped from www.canada.com

REGINA -- The Saskatchewan Party took in more than twice as much cash as the NDP in 2007 as it romped to victory in the November provincial election.

In fact, the party's take from corporate donations alone -- $3.02 million -- exceeds the NDP's total haul of $2.28 million.

The financial documents were disclosed just weeks after the Sask. Party accused the NDP of being puppets of organized labour for its reliance on union donations -- $165,999 in the 2007 documents.

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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Tory racism.....cont

A minor rumpus previously confined to the blogosphere erupted onto the floor of the Manitoba legislature yesterday as Aboriginal and Northern Affairs Minister Oscar Lathlin demanded an apology from Minnesdosa MLA Leanne Rowat for a flippant comment she made nearly a week ago that he claims demeaned aboriginal people.

Earlier this week, Southern Grand Chief Morris Swan Shannacappo called for Rowat's resignation. During a radio interview, McFadyen said the comments required an explanation and clarification, but not an apology.

That reversal prompted Lathlin, who almost never speaks in the house, to rise on a point of privilege Wednesday afternoon and demand a formal apology from Rowat and McFadyen.

Lathlin said he has witnessed subtle and overt racism all his life and has become an expert. He said jokes or flippant remarks like Rowat's often reveal a person's true feelings.

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Tory Racism not just limited to MP Lukiwksi

The right wing mentality, racism, arrogance and attitude must be addressed. A video gets dismissed because it was 16 years old, but it shows a deep seated racist, discriminatory attitude in Tories at all levels across Canada. When is this going to be addressed and stopped?
clipped from www.winnipegsun.com

Tory MLA Leanne Rowat was on the hot seat yesterday, apologizing for a comment deemed racist by aboriginal leaders while ignoring their calls for her resignation.

Last Thursday, Rowat -- the party's aboriginal affairs critic -- yelled "wine and beer" in response to the statement, "We are providing sustenance to the First Nations people."

Rowat once dug up receipts for wine and beer served at a Spirited Energy function. When she asked about them, Jim Rondeau -- the minister in charge of the campaign -- called it "sustenance," according to Rowat.

She has since made reference to wine and beer whenever she hears the word.

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Vetting releases won't fly with Auditor

Globe and Mail this morning. Harper's arrogance never wanes for a minute:

OTTAWA -- Auditor-General Sheila Fraser says she and the other officers of Parliament have been ignoring sections of government policies that would undermine their independence - but it is time the exemptions were clarified in writing.

"I wanted to have it clear which parts of the policies are problematic, that it be expressly indicated that these things did not apply to us, and what compensating control or activity we would do to replace that," Ms. Fraser said in a telephone interview yesterday afternoon.

The issue came to the fore during a Commons public accounts committee meeting this week when Ms. Fraser told MPs that, on paper, she and the seven other independent officers of Parliament will soon be required to vet their communications strategies through the Privy Council Office.

"Well, I can tell you there is no way that my press releases about my report are going to go to Privy Council Office, or our communications strategies are going to be vetted by Privy Council Office," Ms. Fraser told the committee.

"There's no way that Canada's going to be living in a world where the government tells officers of Parliament what they're going to do," New Democratic MP Dave Christopherson told reporters. "This will be resolved. It's just a question of how much dust do we have to kick up and how far do we have to drag the Prime Minister kicking and screaming to acknowledge there are people in this country that he doesn't control."

Tiresome assembly of pure arrogance

Every once in awhile, you really have to agree with Murray Mandryk:

"That said, if it truly was the New Democrats' goal to portray Norris as pompous and idiotic in this committee, their greatest ally in this effort has been Norris himself.

Deliberately adopting a speaking style reminiscent of William Shatner on the bridge of the USS Enterprise, Norris has blithered on about Plato, Aristotle and dead trees casting a shadow on the province. No metaphor has gone untortured.

But while Norris's petulance in committee has served no purpose other than to annoy, insult and demean, it may be unfair to single him out."