Friday, July 25, 2008

The shame of being a Conservative MP

I invite you all to go check out Abandoned Stuff by Saskboy...if we all follow his lead in this blog..imagine the money saved!!!! ATTA GO SASKBOY!!!!

As if it wasn’t embarrassing enough to be a Conservative after the In-Out election campaign spending scandal broke, the party is continuing to abuse the MP communication budget by spamming phony questionnaires to ridings where they don’t have a seat.

Their propaganda mailouts are using our tax money to spam contested ridings like Ralph Goodale’s in Regina Wascana. This is an obvious abuse of their communication budget, and it should stop!

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Canada's Copyright party is.....the NDP

This came in this morning from p2pnetnews..No a bad take on the truth!!
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many of the comments about Bill C-61 on BLOGS all across Canada you can hear people saying that all the parties are the same, and that we need a Canadian Pirate Party. The Pirate Party (Swedish: Piratpartiet) is a political party in Sweden that focus on one issue: reforming of so-called “Intellectual Property” laws such as patent, copyright, trademark and other related laws (also called PCT) to better integrate with a modern technological and participatory society.

There is, however, something exciting happening in one party that warrants a closer look for those who think fair copyright reform is important, and that is the NDP.

In the past I have been worried that it only took a one person change in the NDP caucus to switch from being supportive of the backward-facing reforms we saw in the USA NII/DMCA to the progressive position articulated by Mr. Angus. My worries have been greatly reduced by the message coming from other members of the current caucus, as well as future candidates.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Useless doesnt even begin to describe them!!!

Mr Mandryk hits the nail right on the head with his comments. The MP's we have representing us in Ottawa are completely useless and will NOT and HAVE NOT done a single thing to support Saskatchewan
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It may be that Saskatchewan now has the worst representation in Ottawa this province has ever seen.

hat said, one can take virtually any period of our political history and find Saskatchewan opposition voices like Tommy Douglas or M.J. Coldwell or John Diefenbaker who spoke for Saskatchewan interests with eloquence and passion

So what will be the legacy of the current 13 Saskatchewan Conservative MPs -- the highest percentage of representation in a federal government caucus this province has ever enjoyed? Will names like Tom Lukiwski or Andrew Scheer or Brad Trost or Gerry Ritz or Dave Batters or Maurice Vellacott or Carol Skelton or Lynn Yelich or David Anderson or Ed Komarnicki be remembered so fondly?

Or will they be remembered as the group that had the potential to do the most for Saskatchewan -- but did the least? Frankly, will they be remembered at all?

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Layton slams 'kill-a-unionist-pay-a-fine' deal with Colombia

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Ottawa (11 July 2008) - Federal NDP Leader Jack Layton says it's
"simply outrageous" for Ottawa to sign a trade deal with Colombia with
a clause calling for the South American nation to pay a fine to a
special fund whenever a union activist is murdered.

It's not clear how the fund would work and the Conservative government
of Prime Minister Stephen Harper has not released any details on the
payment scheme, negotiated with the government of Colombian President Alvaro Uribe.

NDP trade critic Peter Julian describes the proposal, written into the
Canada-Colombia trade plan, as "kill-a-unionist-pay-a-fine." He
predicts that it will become a significant issue during the fall session of
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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

NDP Launches On-line Petition Against the Text Message Cash Grab

For months the NDP has been running a campaign against the outrageous and unfair charges cell phone customers have to put up with. Canadian cell phone users face higher charges than in Europe or the US.

Today it was reported that in August, Telus Mobility and Bell Mobility will begin charging cell phone users 15 cents for each incoming text message, including spam.

This afternoon, the NDP launched an on-line petition in opposition to this text messaging cash grab and all staff are encouraged to sign the petition and pass it around to your network of contacts. We are hoping to get as many signatures as possible in the first 12 hours.

A Facebook group has also been created.

Thank you.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Pricing carbon: cap & trade vs. carbon tax

My apologies for my lack of postings. For the first time in three years, I actually broke down and took two weeks vacation..but I am back and rested and ready to go again!!!

The Dion Liberals have recently mused about developing a policy for “Carbon Taxes.”

To date there are few specifics, but Dion has suggested that increases in consumption taxes would be “offset” by reductions in personal income taxes. Dion has said he will announce details of his plan by mid-June.

There is no greater crisis facing the planet then climate change and we welcome the debate.

Jack Layton and the NDP believes the most effective step in reducing greenhouse gasses is to place a price on carbon by establishing a “cap-and-trade” system, not a carbon tax.

  • The NDP’s plan will set caps on the amount of carbon a big polluter can emit, then establishes a carbon auction system where credits can be traded.

  • The NDP’s plan ensures that the big polluters start paying their fair share, while Dion’s plan ensures that average Canadians pay more.

  • The NDP’s plan ensures that all revenue raised from the big polluters will be invested in green solutions, while the Dion plan claims to be revenue neutral and therefore will have no new money for green solutions.

  • After years of inaction on climate change, it’s time to take on the big polluters. The NDP’s plan will ensure:
    1. big polluters start paying their fair share;
    2. effective and measurable targets to reduce pollution are established; and
    3. revenues from the big polluters are invested in green solutions.
    The two most urgent steps in fighting climate change are to curb the big polluters and invest in green solutions. The NDP’s plan accomplishes both; Mr. Dion’s is not likely to effectively accomplish either.
    • Cap-and-trade is the international backbone of pollution reduction.
    • A flat consumption tax is regressive because it treats all consumers the same, regardless of their ability to pay.
    When you compare Dion's plan to Jack Layton's Plan, you need to do a side by side comparison. You can see the main differences in the two plans and can clearly see that where the NDP wish to go, would be a much better plan for all of Canada:

    Top 5 worst things about Dion’s carbon tax

    1. Equity
      • Low-income and rural Canadians are likely to be disproportionately impacted. A corresponding cut to income tax would not be a progressive answer to this problem.
      • Treats corporations and individuals equally in paying for pollution, when the largest responsibility should be on the shoulders of big polluters.
    2. Efficacy
      • There is very little evidence to illustrate how much carbon taxes reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
    3. No new revenue for green solutions
      • The Dion carbon tax claims to be revenue neutral.
    4. Open to government interference
    5. No details
      • To date, there have been no models designed for Canada and the absence of details from Dion are a concern to many working Canadians

    Top 5 best features of NDP plan:

    1. Targets the big polluters
      • They are the ones with the power to drive the changes we need towards energy efficiency and cleaner energy.
    2. Effective and proven
      • Provides greater certainty of results in lowering emissions because the cap is fixed.
      • Is a proven method that has already shown real results in reducing greenhouse gas emissions both domestically (used by Canada and the U.S. to combat acid rain) and internationally (European Union).
    3. Generates revenue for green solutions
    4. Free from government interference
      • As a market-based system, it cannot be influenced by the Harper agenda.
    5. Solid validators
      • The UN Kyoto Protocol
      • John McCain, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama
      • Green Budget Coalition
      • European Union
      • Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change