Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sask NDP and Dwain Lingenfelter continue to stalk

So after 6 or 7 requests to have my phone numbers removed from the Sask NDP call center lists, and after 4 telephone conversations with the Provincial Office where they promised that my number had being removed, Dwain and his host of flunkies continue to call my house asking for money and support.

You would think that for a party that is in opposition and needs as much support as they can get, they would at least clue into the fact that constantly harassing someone for money etc would not be prudent to gaining support.

They have now ensured that the LAST PARTY I would vote for or support would be the NDP. The LAST MLA I would vote for or support would be Andy Iwanchuk.

Rest assured if the Sask NDP call me one more time, I will not only lodge a formal complaint with the Police but I will aggressively work to ensure that another Party or Candidate gets as many votes as possible to ensure the NDP do not get back into power.

I also encourage each and everyone of you to consider doing the same thing. If they can't even manage their own call lists, it makes you wonder how they could run the province if given another opportunity!